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Kanye West Starting New Career As Bisexual Porn Star

The public fool hackers have had enormous fun to poor, poor Kanye expense. Apparently Kanye had its Gmail, Twitter and Myspace account jacked by unknown cyberspace political problems. They have been with your account hacked maliciously fun to spread rumors hip-talented artist hoppery. First he didn t win all the prizes he wanted, then the story that he urinated on her dressing room floor during the MTV Music Awards Europer surfaced, and now he no fun with hackers. Poor Kanye West.
30.1.09 09:01

Patridge Poses For Denim Brand

American reality TV actress Audrina Patridge is making a mark in the fashion world after posing for the denim brand Divine Rights of Denim.Patridge is the face of Marks spring / summer, the advertising that has affected the magazine in March, reports
30.1.09 09:01

Gordon Ramsay Quot Restaurant Empire In Hot Water

His pride eye restaurant in London, Foxtrot Oscar, was closed for two days a week, and his two restaurants are other attractions of London for the sale, the New York Post reports.. It seems that Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay can be quite a bit of as he faces a tumbling restaurant empire, the tax man and the accusations of infidelity.
30.1.09 09:00

New York Names Kirsten Gillibrand To Senate Sarah Palin Not Mentioned Once In News Stor

Palin has yet to make any parallels to Gillibrand treatment by the media and her own (the two are both women).. In a move even more surprising Sarah Palin hasn t call a press conference to connect Gillibrand appointment in itself.
30.1.09 09:00

Kate Winslet Wins Sag Best Supporting Actress

The Revolutionary Road beauty took to the red carpet at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles, Sunday evening (January 25), looking for a fabulous beautiful blue dress.. Shes been a dominant player in this year awards show season, has been guided and Kate Winslet to bring home some more hardware to 2009 Screen Actors Guild Awards.
30.1.09 09:00


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